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Kids Need Shops, Too


Minute by minute, shop by shop, kids’ stores in Rye are vanishing into thin air.

My mom loves Starbucks and I love to go with her and take my savings so I can walk along Purchase Street and buy epic games and cute stuffed animals, but I can’t anymore because kids’ shops are disappearing every minute.


It upsets me to see a bare high street. No more Peachwave, Candy Rox, or Learning Express. Once I realized Candy Rox was leaving, I was devastated. I experienced the feeling all over again when I heard that Peachwave was shutting down (sad emoji). They are all turning into nail salons. Kids live here too, and we want fun shops.


Can you explain to me why all these fun shops are leaving Rye? And why they all seem to be replaced by nail salons? I would love to spend my savings locally.


Thank you for your help.



Jessica Ingham,

Osborn fourth grader



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