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A Different Way to Fashion Holiday Looks

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By Maureen Mancini Amaturo

You can go with one of the top holiday fashion trends — metallic, sparkle, jewel-tone velvet, lace, and the eternally perfect little black dress, or, you can try something different this December. By different, I mean denim, dressed up in ways you might not try January through November (though you probably should). And when it comes to styling a show-stopping but comfortable festive look with denim, let me count the ways.


Denim is Fun, Funky, and Functional, as well as Fundamental to every wardrobe. You likely already have favorite jeans. Isn’t it a relief to know you can take the jeans you love, and with a few unexpected touches, make partygoers evergreen with envy?  



Putting together an outfit is all about creativity and personal expression, and holidays give you carte blanche when it comes to extreme styling. So if you’ve never thought of pairing something unexpected with denim, now is the time. Here are a few ideas to take denim up a few decibels.


• Slip on a satin slip dress or velvet pencil skirt and throw on a denim jacket. Add a statement pin to the lapel.


• Pair with bright, notice-me colors like royal blue and red, and accessorize with a sequined clutch.


• Try jeans under a high-slit dress.


• Amp up the sex appeal: jeans, plus a slinky, sexy, spaghetti strap, or sleeve-focus top.


• Pair with sleek heels and a sophisticated top.


• Choose a romantic, frilly, lace top. Add ankle boots.


• Statement coats are big. Tapestry, embroidery, folklore prints, metallic, bright, bold colors and patterns, bold-color faux fur, graphic-novel colors in vinyl or patent leather. The coat is the star, and the jeans play the perfect understudy.


• Add a bow. Use satin or metallic ribbon tied in a bow as a belt for jeans. Or top jeans with a bow-detailed blouse.


• Step into your fanciest shoes, the highest heels, or the strappiest sandals. They’ll do all the work below the ankle. Bright red stilettos or gold, pointy pumps are great choices with jeans.

<<Jean Juxtaposition>>


• Hippie bell-bottoms take on a romantic glow with a ruffled, lacy, or high-necked blouse.


• Boyfriend jeans, plus bling: Add a colorful, faux fur jacket, metallic, high-heeled sandals, and a metallic or satin top.


• A glammed-out dress over jeans is the best of both worlds.


• Jeans-with-something-more step up the game for holidays. Find a pair with embellishments or different textures.


• Jeans on the bottom, sparkly, sequined, satiny, statement jacket on top.


• Step into strappy heels if wearing cropped jeans. Add a blazer. (BTW, a white blazer is ultra chic.)


• For a funkier look, start with high-waist, skinny jeans and add a graphic or rocker tee, tuxedo jacket, and high-heeled, ankle-strapped shoes in a bold color.


Deck out your denim this holiday and take festive fashion to a new high.



White fur jacket with beading


Sequined, beaded dress


Lace, velvet, and satin heels all pair well with denim jeans.


Evening clutches


Sequined top


Velvet and rhinestone dress


*All available at Angela’s in Rye





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