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Boys Will Be Men

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Boys Will Be Men


Would it be possible to never again use the expression ?Boys will be boys? again in your paper? ?The caption under the photo on the cover of the September 24th?issue brought a stunned response from both myself and my adult daughter. I have lived in Rye and raised my now adult children in Rye.

The expression ?boys will be boys? was and has been used far too long as an excuse by parents. ?I can only speak for the way I raised my son ? boys will be men, and, that being said ? men will have to face the consequences for their?boyhood actions. Boys will be respectful. Boys will be kind.

Boys will face up to failures,?thereby?learning how to pick yourself up and try again. Boys will accept ?no means no?.

Thanks for listening.

  • Liz?Northshield

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