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Has Rye Become Too Gentrified?

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Has Rye Become Too Gentrified?


In 1988 Newsweek Magazine called Rye, ?America?s Casablanca.? A city with scenic water views, beautiful people and just the right amount of danger. The town on the sound offered the finest French cuisine in La Panetiere; while the other side gave us the High St. Roadhouse, a smorgasbord of fried foods and the occasional quick fist over a heated game of darts. As we begin 2019, dare we ask, is Rye too gentrified?

In 1999 gentrification began its course with the opening of Starbucks. The days of coffee regular and light and sweet were numbered, replaced by half-caf with a twist and let’s not forget the almond milk. Hunan Garden, Rye?s sole Asian restaurant for a decade whose dishes were loaded with enough msg to kill a Clydesdale would soon be replaced by Water Moon, Little Thai Kitchen, and Fogama. Just walk in a straight line as Purchase St. has them all.

Baskin Robbins lost its flavor to Longford’s small-batch ice cream.? The gourmet parlor on Elm Place actually uses real milk. Espresso Nougat for the adults and Party Cake for the kids.

The last straw came when Dock Deli closed its doors after 35 years in the community. No place in Rye could offer cigarettes, bacon egg & cheese?s, lottery tickets and a six-pack of Coors Light.? As long as you looked the part of the 10580, no ID required.

Will Poppy?s be replaced by a Teavana, an artisanal caf? where you can choose from 94 variations of chamomile tea? Let?s voice our opinion at the next city council meeting and Make Rye Great Again.

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