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Is Yoga For Me?

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Is Yoga For Me?


Is Yoga For Me?


Have you often asked yourself is yoga for me?? Am I flexible enough? Can I sit still? Do I have to stand on my head or wrap my legs behind my head?? For many of us, the practice of yoga can be a scary and an intimidating thought.? Ultimately Yoga is not about standing on your head but on your own two feet.? It?s not about touching your toes or staying still; it?s a practice that can transform the physical, mental and spiritual body by cultivating pause and presence, and teaches the participant to listen and honor their body at the moment, without judgment, instead of with love and acceptance.


Learn to listen to the voice within yourself.? Your body and mind will become clear and you will realize the unity of all things – Dogen Zenji –


After years of teaching fitness, my journey began on a personal level when I discovered not only a passion to practice yoga but also to teach it.? Initially, I had the desire to experience a new level of emotional calm, physical connection and explore the possibility of self-transformation.


Looking back, I am grateful for trusting my intuition; it gave me the strength and courage I needed in my fight against breast cancer.? I have grown and learned invaluable lessons through the most difficult times of my life as most of us do.


Yoga has several health benefits for all ages: an increase in self-esteem, improved flexibility, strength, stamina and balance, and improved muscle tone and joint mobility.? Yoga increases blood flow and cardiopulmonary functioning while enhancing digestion and building the immune system.?? It also stimulates and tones the nervous system and aids in metabolizing stress hormones.? A consistent yoga practice relieves the stress of everyday living.? A commitment to a daily yoga practice has tremendous benefits in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.


The classes at Beyond Yoga Studio focus on both the physical and spiritual sides of yoga.? Choosing a yoga practice has the ability to deepen one?s awareness; thus living a more integrated and abundant life.


Is Yoga for me?? Yes, Indeed!


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