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Let There Be Light Tables

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On one of the darkest days of the year, Rye Presbyterian Nursery School welcomed Light Table Exploration Day. When the children arrived at school, the upstairs and downstairs hallways were lined with light tables and the overhead lights were turned off. Classes from all age levels were welcome to discover and engage in light play throughout the day. 

The teachers set out an array of materials for the children to explore — translucent blocks, beads, and shapes, ribbons, loose parts, markers and colored pencils for sketching, watercolor palettes, and small animals and insects for little fingers.  

The glow of a light table adds a new element to play, as materials look different with light beneath them. The appealing and calming quality of light promotes focus and attention and young children can remain engaged in play for long periods of time because of light’s attraction.  

Photos courtesy of Margaret Sculti

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