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Man Blows Date By Claiming He’s A Feminist

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Man Blows Date By Claiming He’s A Feminist


Pete Strohmeyer and Rebecca Peterson, two New York City singles met like most of the nation does, on a dating app. Peterson, 36 and a graduate of Smith College is looking for a woke gentleman.


Before the dinner at the trendy Soho eatery La Esquina, the two texted back and forth about their interests. Rebecca asked, ” Do you consider yourself a feminist”? Strohmeyer, 38 responded, ” I believe I am.” Peterson sent a heart emoji.


As Rebecca walked to the restaurant, she had high hopes for this date, Strohmeyer had strategically placed photos of himself at 2017, 2018, and 2019 Women’s March on his dating profile.


The dinner started smoothly with Pete complimenting his date on her eyes. However, Peterson sensed there was Something Rotten in Denmark about this guy when he asked her to order for the both of them. He also wondered if the waiter could recommend a wine that comes from a non-pesticide sprayed vineyard.


Strohmeyer, spent the next thirty minutes mansplaining feminism, quoting from Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar and patting himself on the back for 15 percent of his new hires in February were women.


Peterson couldn’t help think that this guy’s father probably marched in Vietnam War protests for the sole purpose of picking up women.


Strohmeyer, a graduate of Connecticut College, was no match for Peterson’s Smith acumen as the death knell question would soon end this fraud’s chances for a second date.


” So who did you vote for in the 2016 Democratic Primary”?  Pete was thinking that all women love Bernie Sanders, absolutely singing the praises of the Vermont socialist. Yes, it is true, women do love Bernie. They range in age from 18-25 with little interest in employment.


As they left the restaurant, Strohmeyer asked for a second date. Rebecca turned to him with a look of disgust which made Pete show his true colors. ” I marched for you people.”


Guys, be respectful and be yourself.  A second date might happen.

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