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Playland Will Do Better Under County Management

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Playland Will Do Better Under County Management


As a 25-year resident of the Playland Park neighborhood of Rye, I am delighted that County Executive George Latimer and the Board of Legislators have scrapped the Standard Amusements deal. The deal signed by the former County Executive was bad for the taxpayers of Westchester County, and bad for Playland. The unusually one-sided contract required the County to invest millions of dollars in Playland without sharing any of the return. Standard Amusements was also required to invest millions in capital improvements. However, the County discovered that Standard was spending millions of dollars on salaries, legal fees, food and travel, and listing these expenses as part of their required investment. Needless to say, salaries and food are not capital improvements and add no value to the park.


Standard Amusements and others who would personally benefit from the deal are spreading misleading information to discredit George Latimer’s decision. I know George will only accept a win/win agreement, a win for Playland and a win for the taxpayers in Westchester.


Playland is a unique jewel that can be again become a wonderful asset for Westchester.


  • Suki van Dijk

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