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Police Blotter 1/17

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Police Blotter 1/17


Police Blotter 1-17-19


1/14: Charge of the light brigade. No head or tail lamps, BPR/Park Avenue, 2:17 a.m., warning issued; improper use of high beams, BPR/Eldredge Place, 6:47 a.m., warning issued; headlamp out, Milton Road/Oakland Beach Avenue, 6:56 a.m., summons issued.


1/13: Assisted with intoxicated female in apartment complex, Cottage Street, 1:33 a.m.


1/13: Early Bird Special. Vehicle illegally parked, unoccupied, Kirby Lane, 1:57 a.m. Summons issued.


1/13: Stuyvesant Avenue homeowner wished to document unknown person was on his property earlier in the day.


1/13: Ready, aim, fired. Walk-in wished to dispose of airsoft gun. Statement taken.


1/13: Vehicle removed by Vincent?s Towing, West Purdy Avenue/Purchase Street. Owner not present, no key available, removed via flatbed without incident.


1/13: Grave matter. Suspicious vehicle. Hearse from Tennessee parked on road, Greenwood Union Cemetery. Party stated he was waiting for dog walker in area. All checked out.


1/12: Complainant stated party sleeping in vehicle near Rye Manor had been there for a while, 11:53 a.m. Party?s information taken, no hits or wants.


1/11: Newberry Place/Van Buren Street, 1:04 a.m. Driver stated that her friends were playing a game, following her in their vehicle. One of the other vehicles was stopped by another officer who confirmed game.


1/11: Report of MVA with possible injuries, Theall Road, 2:52 p.m.


1/11: Caller reported some kind of fire behind Knapp House, Milton Road/Nursery Field, 6:54 p.m. Boy Scouts were having meeting with small, controlled firepit going under adult supervision. Cleared by RFD, more than 15 feet away from house.


1/10: Harrison PD requested female officer to assist in investigation with photographs of injuries to female victim.


1/10: Vehicle illegally parked, Dearborn Circle, 6:40 p.m. Operator returned to vehicle, was out for walk in park. Moved vehicle.


1/9: Slice of life. Hewlett Avenue caller reported man ringing doorbell, left in silver Toyota Corolla. Was Domino?s Pizza delivery guy with wrong address.


1/9: White van reported parked for some time with summonses on it, Sharon Lane, 6:02 p.m. Homeowner who knew contractor promised to advise him of City Code, stated he would have it moved by midnight.


1/9: Forest Avenue complainant?s son was being harassed and being called outside to fight with three other parties, all juveniles, 7:19 p.m.


1/8: Complainant stated she was having trouble reaching Mamaroneck PD. Items in her home were moved and suspicious car drove away. MPD Sergeant on desk placed on phone, agreed to send cars to her home.


1/8: Caller stated plow truck chronically parked in excess of timed parking space, Orchard Avenue. Owner of vehicle advised not to park in that area. Vehicle moved.


1/8: Caller reported someone hit her car, left scene, Rye YMCA/Locust Avenue. Operator wanted to get estimate before filing.


1/8: CVS manager reported shoplifter, arrest made, vehicle towed. Sworn statement, deposition taken.


1/7: Barking dog reported, ongoing issue, Palisade Road, 6:53 a.m. Officer heard/observed dog barking in backyard of reported residence. Officer made contact with homeowner, advised of Barking Dog Code. Agreed to bring dog inside. Warning issued.


1/6: Black Honda Civic reported drag racing in parking lot along Theodore Fremd Avenue. GOA.


1/6: Complainant stated iCredit caught unauthorized use of her debit card after she used it at Car Park 4 pay station. She wanted pay stations checked for possible scanners. Stations checked, no scanner found.


1/5: Ver?rgert. Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance requested check on motorist on I-95 southbound ramp by Playland Parkway. Caller stated the motorist sounded distraught. Towed by Vincent?s.


1/5: Minor flooding, Kirby Lane, 10:30 a.m.


1/4: Complainant stated her vehicle parked unoccupied on Cedar Place was keyed. No criminal mischief, damage due motor vehicle accident.


1/4: Midland Avenue homeowner reported possible Con Ed scam, wanted residence checked. Con Ed stated they wanted to do work on the residence, installing gas meters. No answer at door. Con Ed flyer with 800-number explained smart meter installation.


1/4: Caller reported her husband was about to drive while drunk, ambulance requested. Cars 12 and 16 sent.


1/4: Caller reported teenagers making noise in area of Captains Lane. Teens located, lived in neighborhood, walking home.


1/2: Should all acquaintance?Walk-in reported unwanted emails, texts, and packages sent to her home.



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