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Police Blotter: 12/20

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Police Blotter: 12/20



12/20 Police Blotter

12/16: Too late. Illegally parked vehicle, blocking Elm Place/Purchase Street intersection. Towed. Owner called HQ, was notified RPD had his car.



12/18: Black metal gate blown open, blocking south lane of Stuyvesant Avenue by? Town Dock. Officer locked gate, street opened.


12/18: Park Avenue caller was nervous the front door to her house was open; not sure if it was wind, or if someone threw it open. Officers conducted exterior check with homeowner, all appeared normal.


12/18: Illegally parked vehicles. Snow ordinance warnings issued, Allendale White Birch drives.


12/18: ?Like a lost neighboorrr?? Officer assisted walk-in with filling out paperwork related to MVA that occurred previous day, not reported to police. Party stated he had verbal agreement with driver of van that hit his vehicle, but did not have other vehicle?s plate number. Party was advised that if he was unable to obtain information, he may have to repair his vehicle through own insurance.


12/17: Suggest a dragnet. Basketball hoop reported in roadway, Halstead Place. Spoke to resident who stated it belonged to neighbor. No answer at owner residence.


12/17: Female caller reported a large box truck on Forest Avenue by Bulkley Manor, taking out lane of traffic. Condition corrected.


12/17: Caller stated two vehicles were parked in violation of posted sign, Locust/Summit avenues. Summonses issued.


12/17: Loud cars reported in Playland parking lot. Officer did not witness racing, spoke to involved parties. Warning issued.


12/16: Noise complaint, loud party, Drake Smith Lane, midnight. Spoke to homeowner, party was shutting down.


12/16: Intoxicated male leaning against pole, Highland Road/Purchase Street. GOA.


12/16: Unattended vehicle, Midland/Peck avenues. Impounded.


12/16: Cars reported parked on wrong side of road, facing oncoming traffic, Purchase/Smith streets. Summonses issued.


12/16: Rules of the Road. Motorist was driving 40 mph while officer was tracking her, erratic to point of being dangerous with wet, dark weather conditions, 6:50 p.m. Warning issued.


12/15: Vehicle impounded, DWI, Forest Avenue/Playland Parkway.


12/14: On second thoughtless. Vehicle parked on westbound sidewalk, Second Street, by rear of Town Dock patio. Summons issued.


12/14: Complainant reported vehicle parked for long period of time, New Street. Towed.


12/14: Shoulda skipped dessert. Illegally parked vehicle, West Purdy Avenue/Purchase Street, 8:50 p.m. Canvassed several restaurants looking for owner, negative results. Summons issued, towed.


12/13: Larceny. Callers reporting white sedan, possibly Honda Accord, grabbing packages off front porch, Coolidge Avenue/Glen Oaks Drive, 3:49 p.m.


12/13: No smoking. Officer observed smoky condition, BPR/Cedar Street. Upon canvas, observed construction vehicle alongside of I-287 loop with defective exhaust pipe creating problem. Vehicle turned off.


12/12: Common touch. Assisted mayor getting into City Hall. Was having difficulty due to paving, 3:27 p.m.


12/12: Female wearing jeans, black jacket reported walking along shoulder of road towards I-95 ramps at end of Playland Parkway. Party identified, stated she worked in Rye, her husband was running late to pick her up, walking to meet him for ride home. Was advised she could not walk on shoulder.


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