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School Bond Vote

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Disappointed with Bond Failure


We moved to Rye last summer for three reasons — schools, schools, and schools.  The elite reputation of the Rye schools is why we paid more for a house here than we would in towns that are comparable except for school reputation.

Were we disappointed when we learned a large bond was needed? Yes. But we examined the issues and determined it was absolutely, positively needed for basic things, including upgrading antiquated buildings, ventilation, and better entrance security (for reasons we hope are obvious after events around the country).

These are no-brainer necessities.


You have to invest in an asset to maintain it. Without this investment, Rye’s reputation for elite schools will fall and people like ourselves will stop moving here — or will leave — and property values will plummet far more than the proposed increase in taxes.


I understand that having been here a year, does not put us in a good position to lecture. We do not know the history and we are open to hearing the basis for opposition. But let’s be clear — if the Rye community wants to maintain a reputation for elite schools that drive high property values you <must> support basic maintenance, infrastructure, and security needs.

We are very disappointed with the decision of this community on March 12th.


  • <Tom and Heather Stein>

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