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Sending a Message

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Sending a Message

Putting aside the financial and property value implications for a moment, I think it is important that we also consider the messages we are sending to our children and the teachers with this bond. When we allow buildings to decay, unsafe areas to develop, and educational spaces to insufficiently support our children and teachers, we are essentially telling them we don’t value education as the bedrock of our community.


In giving teachers safe, clean, and effective workspaces, we are esteeming their dedication to and focus on our children. In providing our children a safe, clean, and adaptable environment to learn and play, we are imparting to them the significance of education.


I will be voting “Yes” because I hope that, as a community, we can agree on this: sending positive messaging to our children and teachers is something we cannot afford to fall short on.


  • <Katelin Berkowitz>

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