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All three of Rye’s elementary schools now have a daily recycling regimen. Midland and Milton schools began working with We Future Cycle in 2017 and Osborn joined them last month. The local nonprofit helps schools throughout Westchester County put recycling systems in place, educating and training staff and students on the specifics of recycling, and counseling the schools on how to comply with state recycling laws.

Every school has enjoyed success from both an environmental and educational perspective. They’ve been able to achieve an initial rate of 97% diversion of lunchroom waste from landfills. And though the schools don’t measure the diversion rates after the initial launch, the daily estimates are consistently well over 90%.

Students are very enthusiastic about the program, and work hard to learn where all their waste belongs; the program promises to create an environmentally conscientious generation.

  • Annette McLoughlin

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